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Micro-organisms Growing Inside Your Car

While pollutants tend to enter the car cabin from outdoors, serious toxic contaminants actually originate from and grow within the vehicle's ventilation system.

Today's modern ventilation systems and air-tight cars work almost like incubators providing the damp, dark environment conducive to the growth of molds, mildew, viruses and bacteria. Watch the 2 minute video on germs in your car.

Molds thrive in dark, damp places such as vehicle ventilation systems, which are conducive for mold growth. If left to multiply, harmful spores and mycotoxins are regularly released into the passenger compartment.

Viruses are transmitted from person to person via dust particulates or droplets in the air. In an enclosed area where air is re-circulated such as the confined space of a vehicle or an airplane, viruses can spread rapidly to all passengers.

Bacteria: These thrive in humid and warm surroundings and have been found to breed in air-conditioning systems in cars

Mildews are very similar to mold, but tend not create the harmful mycotoxins. Mildew prefers the same environments as mold and is more likely the cause of the unpleasant odours coming from ventilation systems.

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