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Professional Treatment for the Micro-organisms Living Inside Your Car

To restore the in-car air quality, a professional treatment for the mold, mildew and bacteria is recommended along with cleaning the interior and regularly replacing cabin air filters.

Preventative Maintenance
Regularly treating the ventilation system with a disinfectant or cleaning solution is the most economical and effective remedy. For extreme situations, remove the evaporator unit and physically clean it and the heater-a/c housing

There are a number of treatments on the market using various solutions and delivery methods. The newest and most effective product available to the automotive market is the MiST™ In-Car Air Quality™ Service.

MiST™ In-Car Air Quality™ is specially designed to treat & prevent living micro-organisms. Click for Video

MiST™ utilizes atomized micro-droplets (1/10 the size of aerosol droplets) of a specially formulated solution. These droplets are drawn into an automobile's vents, penetrating and traveling to where the micro-organisms are living.

MiST™ treats the entire ventilation system, including the evaporator, heater core, air ducts and passenger compartment surfaces.

  • The MiST™ In-Car Air Quality™ service is very economical and only takes 15 minutes to perform.
  • For optimum results and to keep microorganism growth at bay, the service should be completed every 6 months.

To find out where you can have the service completed, click on Professional Treatment links to the left.

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